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Left Handed Notebooks and Journals

Left-handed writers are special. And so are Epica left-handed notebooks and journals! Personalized left-handed leather journals crafted by master bookbinders of Epica in Florence, bring balance to the world of writers and journalers. Each handmade left-handed journal and notebook is specially created to cover every writing need of a lefty person, with plenty of customization options to choose from.

That’s where Epica left-handed notebooks take the advantage! They feature everything a lefty writer needs to feel comfortable when inspiration calls: from a classic left-handed journal crafted from genuine Italian leather to larger sizes or the extra thick leather journal specially created to last a lifetime.

But the ultimate benefit lies on the featured pages, which lay flat, allowing one’s hand to rest easily while writing. Additionally, the paper absorbs ink quickly so it doesn’t smear on their hand as they write across the page.

Personalized leather journals for left-handed writers

With many personalization options such as the refillable journals or journals with deckled-edge pages or with lined-ruled or blank-unlined pages, we go a step further to fulfill even the most demanding needs of a pro or amateur left-handed journaler.

Furthermore, you can choose between all the different cover styles and plenty of paper choices among our left-handed notebooks and journals to make your purchase delightfully satisfying.

Left-handed people attract our attention!

Many varieties make left-handed writers so remarkable. Practically speaking, except for the apparent schematic showing in contrast with right-handed writers, when left-handed writers try to write, the action of their wrist naturally makes the writing slant the wrong way!

There are many examples in school, where left-handed children are often encouraged to turn the paper slightly counter-clockwise so that they won't have to twist their wrists so far!

However, the coin has two sides; some of the most iconic figures, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Lewis Carroll were left-handed. That not only inhibited them from following their inspiration but creates the famous myth surrounding left-handed people; are they really smarter?

Left Handed Notebooks and Journals


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