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A Wedding Guest Book

A Wedding Guest Book

  • Jun 11, 2019
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A wedding guest book should be as creative and unique as the wedding couple. Are you a history buff? They maybe you already know that a wedding book began as a way for witnesses to testify that the wedding covenant took place. Are the two of you world travelers? If you want your guests to mark their spot on a world map, there's a guest book waiting for you! Check out our alphabet of wedding guest book ideas.

A: A is for Advice. Instead of a name and address, ask your guests to write down specific marital advice, such as, "What can we do on date nights?" or "How should we divide up the household chores?"

B: Bucket List. Everyone has a bucket list. Encourage your guests to add to your bucket list for a lifetime of happiness! You may want to begin the list with something like, "Celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary" or "Go Scuba-Diving." Be sure to decorate the table with a cute bucket.

C: C is for Canvas. Is there an artist in the family? Paint a canvas that can be wrapped around your guestbook or affixed to the cover. Perhaps a silhouette of your city skyline, or a floral centerpiece that matches your bridal bouquet. This idea can be customized to any wedding theme that you can think of!

D: D is for Doodle-Book. Invite your guests to doodle an entry. Words, pictures, maybe a colorful thumbprint turned into a self-portrait. Guest books can be fun and creative, and a doodle-book will be great for even your youngest guests! Stock the area with lots of colored pens.

A Wedding Guest Book 1

E: Engagement Photo Book. Add your engagement photos to your guest book. Your guests will be interested in turning the pretty pages, and you will have a lovely, personalized book to page through in the future. This is a sweet choice for those who have a sentimental side!

F: F is for Frame. Insert photos in your guestbook and draw frames around them. Invite your guests to write their comments in the frames. 

G: Globe. Do you have lots of international friends and family attending your wedding? Let each guest sign their names on a globe. Also invite them to use a traditional book, in case they have more to write. Our Museo collection fits the theme.

H: H is for Hearts. Embrace a heart theme by setting out large heart-shaped stickers for each guest to sign. They can then stick their heart directly into the guest book for lovely memories you can read in the future.

I: I is for Italy (or any other country, really!). Dress up your guest book with photos and designs from the country of your heritage. Our Medievale collection adds an old-world touch to your guest book.

J: Jenga Blocks. Jenga is a great game, but it becomes even better when you let your guests sign the wooden blocks first! 

K: K is for Knit. A knit cover and elegant ribbon for your guest book looks classy and beautiful. Is there a knitter in your family?

L: Lined Pages. Are your guests likely to feel more comfortable staying within traditional ruled pages?  Make it easy for them with a Classic Leather journal featuring ruled pages .

M: M is for Mad Libs. Create fun wedding mad libs, make copies, and have each guest fill in the blanks with their own wacky words. You'll have lots of laughs reading them, and your guests will enjoy the fun of writing them. Need ideas? Try here.

N: Notes. For the musical couple, decorate your book with music notes, and invite your guests to share their favorite song or a song that reminds them of the wedding couple. Our Italian Leather Music Journal sets the right note for the musical theme.

O: O is for Ornaments. This idea is perfect for a December wedding. Set out holiday ornaments, and ask guests to sign an ornament, and then hang it on a nearby Christmas tree! Make sure to have a lovely journal nearby for guests to write their holiday wishes for the new couple.

P: Photo Booth. Have your guests write their advice or wishes in big letters on one page of the book. Then, they hold it up and get their picture taken with the advice! You'll never forget who wrote each entry.

Q: Q is for Quilt. Are you a quilter? Set out squares of cloth and fabric markers. Have your guests write their names and messages on a square. You can sew it into a wedding quilt later.

R: Recipes. Turn each page of your guest book into a Recipe Card for Love. Your guests will enjoy helping you cook up ideas for loving each other. We even have a recipe journal specially made for this idea!

S: Stories. Ask guests to share a story, anecdote, or special moment they have shared with the couple. It could be the location they first met the bride and groom, or what they were doing when they first heard that they were engaged. These types of guestbook entries will be reread over and over.

T: T is for Tip. Transform your guest book table so it resembles the cash register area at a restaurant. A jar of mints, a stash of toothpicks, a cash register, and a guest book with the words, "Please leave a 'TIP' for a happy marriage."

U: U is for Unique. Ask your guests to write something unique, like "What makes your marriage unique?" or "What unique tradition can we celebrate on our first anniversary?" The goal is to make your guests think beyond the "Wishing you kids the best" messages.

V: V is for Vintage. For the couples who feel like they belong in a past era, make your guest book fit the vintage theme. Our Classico collection never goes out of style.

W: Wordsmith. Bring out the wordsmith in your guests by setting a dictionary next to the guest book and encouraging your guests to find a word that best describes the new couple. 

X: X is for eXtra Glam. That's right. Glam up your book with gold, silver, glitter, jewel stickers and whatever else you can find to make it shine!

Y: Your initials. Incorporate your initials into your guest book. It's classy, traditional, and simple.

Z: Z is for Zigzag. Add a contemporary flair with a zigzag pattern on your guest book.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect idea for your wedding guest book! Check out our large supply of beautiful journals. Need help finding the right one for your wedding? Please contact us today. We are happy to assist you!


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