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Italian Leather Music Journal

This elegant and classic composer’s journal represents the finest standards in Italian bookmaking. A beautifully handcrafted book to record your music composition, manuscript or score for posterity.

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Product Details

  • • Large 10x12 inch book accommodates music notations on 12 staffs per page 
  • • 60 sheets yield 120 pages front and back or 1440 staffs in total 
  • • Customize with the composer's name or the title of your masterpiece! 
  • • Gorgeous velvet-satin pouch included with your music journal

A musician's score book for posterity. Handmade in Italy with the highest quality materials – supple, distressed leather, hand-pressed panels, raised spine in four places, and enough pages to accommodate over 1400 staffs, this classic leather composer’s journal is a symphonic masterpiece all its own.

We have created for the true musician a wonderful music manuscript notebook in which to preserve all of their best pieces, classic melodies, and intriguing interludes. The vessel within which you write your music must be worthy of greatness. This softly hand scarred leather book is most certainly worthy. The perfect place to document your music score! A Personalized music journal from Epica also makes a gift to remember.

Some Personalization notes:

  • • Any foil color will work well on this leather
  • • Choose metallic colors for high contrast or blind or black for a more classic look
  • • Short and long inscriptions both look great on this book
  • • Consider one line 1/3 from top, centered, and another line in the bottom right corner


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