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Wine Journals: A More Refined Approach to Writing

Wine Journals: A More Refined Approach to Writing

  • Sep 26, 2017
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When is the last time you recorded your daily thoughts, dreams, hopes, or sorrows? In the electronic age, so many of us turn to social media, text, and email for what we think is ‘meaningful’ communication. But nothing quite captures the intimacy and importance of expression than writing your thoughts by hand in a journal.

Words (and wine) have meaning

Unless you’re an 8-year-old girl, the old-fashioned style diary is hard to come by. But despite common assumption, there are actually plenty of adults that have embraced journaling and its catharsis. In fact, over the past few years, I’ve noticed an interesting trend emerging among wine enthusiasts. More than just saving their wine labels and preserving them in a leather journal, they’re also recording their adventures along the way.

Give a thoughtful wine journal gift

If you know someone who loves to sip and collect wine, encourage him or her to keep a log in a fine Italian leather wine journal. Unlike the usual composition notebook, these luxurious books are made of fine, heavy paper and rawhide materials sure to last for decades. Best of all, this treasure teaches them to tell a story—one that will last far longer than a superficial social media post. A present from the heart doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and its impact will be felt for years.

Customization is key

One way to make your leather journal super special is to get it engraved with your name, the destination of your trip or any other way to commemorate the experience. Although I absolutely adore my personalized wine journal, I also realize that the spirit isn’t for everyone. I purchased a similar piece for my father last year and opted for a personalized cigar journal, which was bound by hand in exquisite leather. It makes a classy addition to his pub room coffee table, and archival-quality paper means it’ll be around for many generations to come. So, what do you think about wine journaling—or writing in general? If the last thing you wrote was a high school English essay, consider incorporating this relaxing hobby into your current routine. If anything, reliving sip after sip of sensational wine is bound to be a blast!

Guest Blog Bio: Wine Vine Imports

Wine Vine Imports have been personalizing Epica wine journals for their client for years. It’s our privilege to introduce them to our readers, and we hope you enjoyed their perspective on commemorating special vintages.


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