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Refillable Journals : All you need to know to never run out of pages

Refillable Journals : All you need to know to never run out of pages

  • Dec 01, 2022
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There are so many reasons that refillable leather journals have become so popular in recent years. First of all, it’s the only way to continue writing in your personalized journal! Yes, this is an important detail ! When you decide to customize and buy a very specific journal cover with your personal details on it, you definitely want to experience the endless pleasure of writing in something, whether it’s for private, or business purposes, that you customized yourself . That way , you get to enjoy it for years on end and get the most value from your investment.

Secondly, it ’s all about practicality! Having your new refill insert , you can easily change the pages , continue as you go and avoid having to buy an entirely new one each time you come to the last page.

Finally - and this is the most interesting part - it’s the action of replacing the pages themselves that has its own guilty pleasure! Journal writing is much more than another writing habit. Everything regarding this process, is part of the excitement, from selecting the personalization options when you buy your journal, the everyday writing activity, and of course, replacing papers when it comes to refillable notebooks, everything creates a unique experience for writing enthusiasts, journalers, and writers!

To help you discover more about the benefits of choosing a re fillable leather bound journal, the bookmaking experts from Epica have selected the most significant questions and present all the useful details of what you have to know before making the purchase of a refillable leather journal (and why you should) !


What is a refillable journal?

A refillable journal is reusable journal once the pages are full. It has 2 parts – the cover, which can be personalized, and the pages, which are called a refill or page insert. To refill those notebooks s imply remove the page insert and replace it with another of the same size and you are all set.


Refillable Journal

Why buy a refillable leather journal?

Value. You can have a high - quality leather journal with the practicality of replaceable insert pages. The perfect solution for daily use. Refillable journals allow one to have a quality leather notebook journal without having to reinvest in new covers when the pages are full. Particularly for daily use that may often contain casual musings, or for those wh o use their notebook as a daily planner and dot ted - page - organizer aficionados, going with refillable inserts just makes good economic sense.


Are hardcover refillable journals available for online shopping ?

YES, though nearly all refillable leather journals found online are softcover, our artisans in Italy handcraft the finest hardcover refillable journals and notebooks in the world. With a variety of styles, cover sizes, leather colo r s available , combined with different paper types, you will be sure to find one online that is perfect for your needs.


Refillable Leather Journal

Can refillable journals be personalized?

Absolutely! Many journal providers can emboss your Monogram or Initials on the cover but only Epica offers so many customization options . Emboss your monogram or initials, or have name, title, wedding date or an other special inscription embossed on the cover in a variety of fonts and with 8 embossing colors to choose from. Do you have a company logo or a family or club crest? Just upload your art file and we will cast it in metal and emboss it onto your custom leather cover – perfect for corporate gifts. Do you have a longer inscription or maybe a bible passage or other inspirational quotation? Consider a custom title page or a dedication page for your refillable insert.


Is a refillable journal suitable for left-handed writers?

Definitely, yes. Both hardcover and softcover versions will lay flat for ease of writing left - handed without fatigue.


How many sizes are available for refillable notebooks?

The most common size accommodates European A5 paper ( approx. 5.5 X 8.5 inches; 1 5x21cm) – this is generally referred to as Medium size. Small and Large sizes are harder to find but they are available from some shops like Epica.


Journal Refill
- Amalfi Paper

What types of paper are available for refillable journals?

A wide variety of paper can be found in refill inserts, similar to bound notebooks. The most common are inserts with ruled - lined pages. Typically, the paper will be smooth and easy to write on whether using a pencil, a ballpoint or even a fountain pen. Blank - Unlined page inserts are also available, th ough a bit harder to find. Dot - grid inserts have become very popular with people who love this system of planning and organization. Some inserts are also available with gilded pages - edges for an elegant appearance, particularly popular for Bible Study note s. Epica has all varieties and sizes and we are the only manufacturer to offer Handcrafted Amalfi paper as a refill insert in Medium size (Refillable A5 Journal ).


Why Is a padfolio or portfolio considered a refillable notebook?

Padfolios and portfolios are almost always refillable, allowing for daily note - taking at a very low cost when using standard sizes such as letter - size paper (8.5x11 – inches; A4 21x30cm) , or A5 paper (5.5 X 8.5 – inches; 15x21cm). Pads can be purchases from any stationary shop or online. For finer quality and specialty uses, there are plenty of options available, including handmade Amalfi paper by Amatruda, the last remaining manufacturer of handmade paper on the Amalfi coast of Italy. This is where the west was introduced to handcrafted cotton paper during the 12 century, and Amatruda still produces these high - quality papers one sheet at a time under the watchful eye of its 5th - generation family run operation.

Final thoughts:  A refillable journal can offer all the elegance of a finely handcrafted journal with the practicality and value of an inexpensive notebook. One more thing to keep in mind while shopping - be sure to look for paper that won’t bleed - through or ‘ghost’ ‘cause that’s annoying.


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