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Self-Adhesive Photo Corners

Self-Adhesive Photo Corners

One of the most common concerns customers express when purchasing a photo album is, "How will we mount pictures into our new album?" Feel free to use acid free glue sticks double sided acid-free tape. However, to have true freedom with your pictures and the ability to remove them or exchange them once they are mounted, then using our acid-free photo corners is the best choice for the task.

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Simply peel a colored corner from its mounting sheet, slide one onto each corner of your photo and mount the photo on your album page. To exchange it for another picture with the same dimensions, simply remove the picture and slide another one in its place. The photo corners stay mounted on the page. It's that easy. 

Available in 4 colors to frame your photos perfectly - Gold, Silver, Ivory, and Black. 108 corners per pkg (enough to mount 27 photos)