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Miniature Wood Bookcase Ornament - XL

Miniature Wood Bookcase Ornament - XL

Our artisans in Florence begin with a miniature wood bookcase and, using their own creativity, add to each shelf delicately detailed books, manuscripts, scrolls, bottles, candy jars, candles, and all manner of other olde worlde household items, one at a time. 

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The second-largest of the Miniatura collection, stunning details!

The wooden bookcases themselves are also intricately detailed with frescos adorning the back wall, wood scrolling along the pillars, and multiple layers of stain, gently distressed to resemble antiques. Various sizes and shapes are offered, each one unique and a treasure for all – from the discriminating and avid collector to the recipient of your well-chosen gift. Wall hanger included. Ships in a charming gift box adorned with the writings and sketches of Leonardo DaVinci.

Dimensions are approximate (Width x Height x Depth, in inches):

X-Large: 8 x 10-1/2 x 2-1/2"