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Where to Find a Really Nice Pen

Where to Find a Really Nice Pen

  • Feb 06, 2019
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Pen Shows!  The Los Angeles International Pen Show  is once again being held at the Westdrift hotel in beautiful Manhattan Beach, California. Dealers and traders can attend February 14 – 17 and for public attendees - pen lovers and curious onlookers, General Admission is on Sunday, Feb 17th from 10A – 5P.


What is a Pen Show and Who Should Attend?

Pen shows are a gathering place for pen lovers of all kinds.  Here, you can meet Manufacturers and exhibitors of the finest writing instruments in the world, and aficionados across the spectrum.  From deeply passionate collectors of fine pens and their history, to people looking for an exotic pen to keep or give as an eclectic gift.  Many traders come to pen shows from all over the world; it’s kind of like an old-world bazaar for exotic, refined and historical pen collectors. 


Where to Find a Really Nice Pen

What is unique about the Los Angeles International Pen Show?

It’s one of the largest of its kind, drawing exhibitors, traders and pen collectors from around the globe, quite literally. Many attendees will be arriving from as far away as Asia and Australia. Widely considered to be the premier pen show on the West Coast, 2019 will be the 31st year running, with as many as 1500 people expected to attend (the first LA INTL Pen Show was in 1989).  You will also find many Special Features, including seminars and rare pens for sale and on exhibit.  Visit their website (link above) and explore all manner of information and links for more about Pen Collector’s Clubs across America, the US Pen Show Calendar, plus articles from real pen experts.


Other resources – check out Pen World, a glossy print magazine in continuous publication for over 30 years that covers new and vintage pens and accessories, long-form features on leading brands and manufacturers, and profiles of the makers and collectors who compose the pen community. It’s published every other month and is available on many Barnes and Noble newsstands or in local pen shops as well as via subscription. They even have a digital publication.  And, for those interested in collecting, you might want to subscribe to The Pennant, a quarterly publication of Pen Collectors of America.  Both publications are professionally managed by people passionate about pens and writing by one’s own hand.


Pens and Journaling – a perfect pairing. Learn how to select the right pen for yourself or as a gift. This year, we at Epica are excited to participate at the LA Intl Pen Show in collaboration with Scribes' Pens.  Come by and be introduced to the finest journals in the world, all handmade by our artisans in Italy.  Learn more at us.  We’ll see you at the show!

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