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What is a bullet journal?

What is a bullet journal?

  • Feb 07, 2018
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Let's start with the first question. What is a bullet journal?

Short Answer: It's a journal with little dots on the pages instead of lines. You provide the pen and the content.

Long Answer: A list. A schedule. A place to write class notes. A useful tool to keepyourself off your phone. A way to vent. A way to survive motherhood. A creative outlet. A place to write all the things in your head that might be lost if you suddenly suffer from amnesia.

dot grid journal

Is a bullet journal only for those organized types of people?

No, anyone can use a dotted notebook. Those people who label the contents of their sock drawer on the outside of the drawer can also create a bullet journal page which takes inventory of their entire dresser. They may have a page for each room of the house, each closet space, each shoe box in the attic. Dot grid journals work for that!

But it also works for the type of person who keeps her car keys in the basket where the silverware goes because hey, she's going to need car keys and silverware in the morning, so why not put them together? Her bullet journal page for the day might consist of a book title she wants to read, a reminder to pick up laundry soap after work, the name of her boss' daughter (just because it's a beautiful name, and she doesn't want to forget it), and a sketch of her cat sleeping in the sink.

Won't I forget to use it?

Maybe the first couple days. But it comes in really handy, so you're going to want to make a habit of using it. Plus, the journals themselves are nice to look at, and they come in different sizes. A journal full of pages to fill is way more inspiring than a phone or a tablet, and honestly, your brain works better in front of a real book than it does in front of a screen. Also, dot grid journaling is addictive. You will keep finding more and new ways to use it.

What is the BUJO Phenomenon?

BU=Bullet, JO=Journal, Phenomenon=something exciting that catches on in a big way.

Join the BUJO Phenomenon! Check out some dot grid journals and get started!

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