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What inspires us to Live Creatively?

What inspires us to Live Creatively?

  • Jun 13, 2017
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Every one of us can access the wonder that inspired Galileo and Verdi. Creativity is part of what makes us human. You have probably already felt that flame of inspiration at the base of your spine some time in your life. When you want to reinvigorate your imagination, turn to these sources of inspiration.

Our Inner World

Many famous thinkers and artists kept personal journals. There's a whole kingdom of ideas deep in our minds that we can bring to the surface through writing. All you need to start exploring your inner world is a pen and a journal worthy of your best ideas.

Connecting to Others

Human connection is exhilarating. A long conversation that outlasts your coffees, the surprise of a stranger who just gets you, or a letter in the mail from a very old friend all bring an energy that is the heart of life. Connect to the distant past by visiting a museum to see Renaissance paintings. These artifacts connect you to the artists whose own hands touches the canvas and mixed the paint. Start connecting to others through your own handmade letters.

Natural Elements

The shapes, sounds, colors, and textures of nature are endlessly inspiring. From the details of a butterfly's wing to waves breaking on a coastal cliff, wonder comes large and small in the natural world. Keep natural textiles in your everyday life for a continuous source of elegance There are plenty of "quick-and-easy" gizmos that promise inspiration, but true inspiration that sparks our greatest achievements comes from the kind of care and tradition you can't find in a plastic package. The richness of life takes time to develop. Look for your inspiration in the most elegant places that stand the test of time.


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