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Unleashing Creativity Through Elegant and Invigorating Heirlooms– an Epica story...

Unleashing  Creativity  Through  Elegant  and  Invigorating  Heirlooms–  an  Epica  story...

  • Oct 08, 2018
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What if… your great-grandmother, Serena, was born in a small village in the Province of Siena, Italy. On her twelfth birthday, Serena’s father Luca presented her with a handmade journal from Florence. His birthday gift is more than merely a milestone marker; it is truly a tradition passed down for generations. You discover quickly that her father had filled all pages of the journal given to him by his father when he turned twelve. As did his father before, Luca knew that the power of the beckoning pages would support Serena and all she needed was a pen and time.

Serena’s journals are now yours. You immediately notice the handcrafted leather protecting the pages. It still feels royal and elegant with her embossed initials in the upper left corner. Every journal that followed was uniquely beautiful with only her lovely initials remaining the same.

As you discover the ebb and flow of Serena’s life, you cannot help but think about your journey. Until entrusted with her interests and insights, you had not considered which words you want to reflect the meaning of your life. As you look back upon your busy days, you realize there are mundane meetings, smartphones, children’s schedules, and disconnect.

To turn the page, you decide to purchase a journal. After a quick nod to no longer being twelve, you know you need the real thing. You attempt to find the family in Italy who made Serena’s journals, but they are no longer in business. However, In the process, you find a company called Epica. Their journals are beautiful, well-constructed, and worthy of being handed down to your children. You choose a handmade, leather one similar to your great-grandmother’s journal with your initials to be engraved in the bottom corner, making it completely yours.

Upon the arrival of your journal, you cannot believe that it is truly as gorgeous as your great-grandmother's. The striking similarities and delicate details inspire you also to buy the perfect pen to grace the pages of your future heirloom. Finding your inspiration and unleashing creativity is serene with an Epica journal! What will your children and grandchildren see in the soft yet solid pages of your thoughts? The possibilities are Epically exciting.

What inspires your creativity?  If you would like to share with our readers, send your submission to, and we’ll consider it for publication!

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