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Time to learn about vegan gifts: 3 reasons why they are so special

Time to learn about vegan gifts: 3 reasons why they are so special

  • Apr 07, 2020
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In recent years, vegan culture has gained significant popularity around the world. Many people - and not just activists - have adopted the principles of veganism to contribute to global action for the protection of the environment. In this context, vegans have adapted their daily lives to an ecological lifestyle, which is characterized by choices favoring socially responsible gifts, products and services.

So, what is the case for vegan products? When someone hears the term “vegan” one usually thinks of food. Indeed, one of the fastest-growing trends is found in restaurants and homes around the world - vegan menus and recipes! And vegan recipes based on purely natural ingredients are indeed alternative yet delicious options that can truly provide a wonderful dining experience to people who want to make this big change in their lives.

However, the growing Vegan community has significantly expanded the scope of vegan culture far beyond food, giving rise to impressive vegan ideas that we can easily incorporate into our lives! Fashion has made some early steps in the vegan world, but there also are other new upcoming vegan trends that serve as great ethically sourced gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones (even if they are not vegan)!

Two such ideas are vegan-friendly journals and vegan-friendly photo albums! Journals and albums are considered timeless ideas for gifts, as they combine practicality, chic design, symbolism and meaning, and of course, an opportunity to enjoy oneself by writing or completing your photo/story book. Upon discovering a truly unique and amazing material, the incredibly talented Italian artisans of Epica created two unique collections of vegan-friendly journals and vegan-friendly photo albums, using Piñatex®. Through excellent collaboration with the manufacturer, Ananas Anam in Spain, a for-profit company with a heart for both positive social impact and low environmental impact, Epica now offers everyone the opportunity to make wonderful leather alternative gifts that will remain unforgettable!


Why is it so special to make a vegan gift

1. Vegan gifts symbolize a sustainable lifestyle

Vegan-friendly journals and vegan-friendly photo albums by Epica are made from the discarded leaves of pineapple plants through a carefully curated process that is completely environmentally friendly and sustainable. These plant-based materials are natural, recyclable, ethically sourced, and with no animal testing involved to produce them, and the finished material is PETA approved! This also means that they are fully compliant with the sustainability rules needed to be compatible with the principles of greener production. Having your own is just one way to send the message against mass production and support a more socially responsible way of living!

2. They are the perfect gift for every vegan!

Veganism for those who follow its principles is much more than just a way of life! This means that many of the choices they make in their lives, whether they are food or lifestyle choices, are based on ecology and environmental sustainability and friendliness. Now you have the opportunity to give your vegan friend or loved one a wonderful custom journal or a personalized photo album that they will greatly appreciate and be thrilled to use.

3. They are beautiful for gifts for everyone!

In addition to their natural organic materials and the eco-friendly way they are produced, these vegan approved products, boasting traditional and classic Italian design and the finest quality, are inspirational for their holder. Their incredible craftsmanship is globally renowned. A sustainable gift handmade by these gifted artisans in Florence will surely impress their owner and instill pride of ownership.

Vegan gifts are not only an innovation in the marketplace but a complete proposition that came enthusiastically to improve our lives. On the one hand, it is an example for every company to follow this strategy and to adopt vegan sensibilities throughout their collections. But above all, handmade vegan gifts provide thoughtful options with naturally pure materials that will surely make their holder feel unique.

Have you ever purchased a vegan gift for someone? How was it received? Share your experience with our readers as a comment below. 

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