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Preserving Memories with DIY Mixed Media Crafts

Preserving Memories with DIY Mixed Media Crafts

  • Sep 09, 2018
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Shuffling boxes around in the closet you stumble on an old shoebox of pictures. As you sit down to gaze at memories of the past you start day-dreaming: there was that time you were pushed into the pool with all your clothes, the boy who asked your daughter to prom by leaving messages in balloons, and countless other snapshots of your family’s life. As you sift through these pictures one big question comes to mind. How will you pass on these wonderful memories and experiences to your kids?

A shoebox of pictures is great, however, as those shoeboxes are passed down, if they have nothing else with them, stories, etc. they are likely to be lost or thrown away. Instead, you can try some of these different ways to preserve memories and pass them onto your children:

• Scrapbook
• Journal
• Letters

If you are a little low on time and you want to find a more practical and fun way to save your memories you may want to try a DIY mixed media craft!

Leather Photo Albums and Journals are great for DIY crafting

Mixed Media
Mixed Media is a work of art that combines very distinct visual arts. An example of mixed media could include a work consisting of ink, chalk, and acrylic paint all in one piece of art. You do not actually have to be a great artist to create a mixed media piece, and what a fun, different, and interesting way to save your memories! Basically, you can combine all the options above, scrapbooking, letter and journal writing, etc. into one project. Here are some tips on how to save your memories and pass them on using mixed media:

The Base

    You can use a scrapbook or a notebook for your mixed media memory book.

    Add Different Mediums

      Now, you can add different mediums to make the pages look more interesting like paint, chalk, colored pencils, stencils, stamps, etc. For example: on a page that focuses on a story or picture of you or your children in school can feature a black piece of paper cut into a rectangle and you can use chalk markers to write on it and make it look like a blackboard. Add alphabet die cuts, apple stamps, and other school type accents.

      Add Pictures, Journaling, and Letters

        Now you can paste pictures, write notes and stories, even include letters. You can make a pocket to place notes and letters by taking a simple square piece of paper and gluing or taping three of the sides, leaving the top open for the pocket.

        Add Memorabilia

          Finally, you can add memorabilia to help with the story telling. Things like invitations, ticket stubs, monogrammed envelopes, receipts, etc.

          Lastly, have fun! Making and saving your memories should be a fun experience and it will be even more enjoyable when your children and grandchildren are able to read about your life and learn from your experiences.

          Madison Resare is a new mom, a stay-at-home freelance writer, and a Latin dance teacher. This is her third article for Epica — you can read more from her here and here. If you’d like to submit your own article, you can do so by sending an email to

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