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Perfect additions to any holiday décor!

Perfect additions to any holiday décor!

  • Oct 29, 2017
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One look and we were hooked! Twin artisans from Florence, Italy, Sara and Elisabetta created this awesome collection of miniature bookcases for Epica.
Perfect additions to any holiday decor 1

Last summer, we met these ladies in Florence, and after seeing their exquisite design and elegance, we just knew they fell in line with the Epica aesthetic. We think they're a perfect complement to our finely handcrafted books and albums.

Sara begin crafting these beauties in 2010 and shortly after recruited her twin to share in the experience and the workload. Because of their intricate design, they can only produce these mini bookcases in small batches and we are delighted to be able to share them with you!

Each bookcase and ornament begins as an empty wooden vessel, hand-stained and distressed, with antiqued paint and Florentine frescos adorning the back walls of larger pieces. Sara and Elisabetta then select all the miniature household ornaments that will adorn the shelves and painstakingly fit each one, piece by piece, to create a diorama that is unique and a charming addition to any home, especially when decorating for the holiday season.
Perfect additions to any holiday decor 2

Slight variations are made to each piece so no two are exactly alike; the artisans create each diorama with a variety of miniature household items that evoke the golden period of the Renaissance. From tiny Italian titled books to flowered vases & dripping candles, paper scrolls and packets tied-off with cord, to cork-stoppered candy jars, and framed paintings of medieval scenes. There are even miniature cats and eyeglasses, to complete that homey, lived-in feeling.

Sizes range from approximately 4”w X 1”h X 1”d on up to about 10”w x 13”h x 2”d –it’s just amazing to see how much detail is packed into piece!

Hooks, loops or magnets allow for standing or hanging display. Finally, each piece is hand-signed on the back as a statement of pride of their craftsmanship and authenticity.

We think these miniatures make a perfect addition to any holiday décor!

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