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My First Foray into Journaling

My First Foray into Journaling

  • Jun 11, 2021
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My first foray into journaling had me hooked. I quickly filled the journal with stories and poems that joined the world around me with the world I imagined. Soon there were stacks of hardback journals lining my bookshelf in all the colors and designs I could find.

My First Foray into Journaling

How I started journaling

At ten years old my first journal opened up a new world for me. When I think about sitting on my bed with pen in hand, I can smell fresh gleaming white paper and hear the crack of a hardback spine. These are memories that take me back decades, but the sentiments are still the same. I've always been an avid storyteller. Once I learned to write I transcribed my stories and thoughts on whatever paper I could find. My father was a writer at heart and passed on the love of pen and paper by gifting me a black journal. The journal had a hard back with crisp white pages. I saw the pages as an invitation to create the worlds I had spent years dreaming about.

My First Foray into Journaling 2

Creating your personal environment for Journaling

With journal and a new black pen in hand, I propped myself against a mound of pillows and created a makeshift cocoon with a chunky knit blanket. I sat staring, wondering what I should write when a bird landed on one of the freshly bloomed branches outside my window. I wrote about the bird's soft, downy feathers and its burnt sienna stripes. I imagined the flights the bird would take and I rendered its actions into words that leaped around the page. After I completed my story, I drew little bird tracks embellishing the outer edges of the page.

My First Foray into Journaling 3

What Journal to choose 

As an adult, I still own many journals in various formats. I love the smell of a new leather journal and simplicity a notebook conveys. Having a new pack of brightly colored, smooth writing pens to fill the pages with makes my heart sing. That simple black journal sparked the ember of my imagination and as the years have passed, it has only continued to blossom.

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