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Meditation and Journaling

Meditation and Journaling

  • May 23, 2017
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In this fast pace, screen-based, plastic world we live in today it is ever important to find time and space to slow down. While most of us don't get enough sleep, we are also lacking another type of rest. Our brains and bodies need time to be still and process all the fast-paced living we do today. Allowing our brains and bodies time to process the to-do lists, returned emails, future plans and today's problems is essential. Taking this time to meditate, journal and flow is a vital indulgence.

Once you allow your brain to rest in this way, you are able to think with more creativity and innovation. You are able to look past the noise to the problem and find what you need. It is surprising how differently and simply problems are solved, new ideas are created and inspiration abounds during this time.

Surrounding yourself with textures, fabrics and atmosphere that feeds your creativity is an enriching way to enhance your meditative experience. Finding that perfect journal or art book makes this time even more enticing and luxurious. Allow your mind to wander and journey as you breathe in the organic aroma and feel the creamy leather under your fingertips. One example of a blissfully indulgent product are the Epica Handmade Italian Journals.

When meditating, drawing, doodling and writing you become a creature absorbed in your senses. You begin a mental journey to finding your full potential, your creativeness, your purpose. Allow us to help you find your inner self and watch your creativity become unleashed. Take in the smell, feel and luxurious quality of an Epica Journal while you allow your mind to rest.

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