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Let’s talk about the world's thickest journals

Let’s talk about the world's thickest journals

  • Mar 30, 2023
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Maybe it's true that “good things don't last forever…”. But that is not the case when it comes to the world’s thickest journals handcrafted by artisans in Italy exclusively for Epica. Those impressive writing books made from top-quality materials are favorite options for passionate writers, who want to free their inspiration without the anxiety of running out of writing space sooner than expected.

world's thickest journal nest to a pen

What is a good size for a journal

There are various journal book sizes, depending on different writing needs. However, the impressive size of these famous journals, which promises everlasting pleasure when you’re writing, is undeniably a must-have for every writer who needs a reliable solution for the huge writing part of his work.

How many sizes are available

There are 4 book sizes available (all handcrafted dimensions are approximate)

  • perfectly proportioned “carry around” thick size 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25cm) featuring 600 (2” thick) or 1000 writing pages (3” thick).

  • Extra large desk size 11 x 15 inches (27 x 37cm) feature 1000 writing pages (3” thick)

  • World’s Second Largest Journal – these giants have graced country manors and embassies around the world. Handstitched with 664 writing pages and customizable to your specifications - 15 x 20 inches (38 x 52cm) – 2-1/2” thick

  • World’s Largest Journal – truly spectacular at 20 x 28 inches (38 x 72cm) with 664 writing pages (2-1/2” thick)

Are ruled – lined pages available 

  • Even the world’s largest journals can be ordered as bespoke books with ruled pages though they are generally hand-stitched with blank-unlined paper.
  • All other thick books in this collection are available with ruled-lined or blank-unlined pages.
  • Plus, the paper that goes into these magnificent journals comes from one of the most venerated mills in Italy – Cordenons – and is enjoyed by writers and artists alike. Suitable for fountain pens, pencil, and even watercolor paints (paper weight - 95gsm).

world's thickest journal on a table

Things you need to know about Epica large journals

  • They are the thickest journals in the world - handcrafted with artistic details from the finest materials and are at the top of the Epica journals collections.
  • With up to 1,000 writing pages featured in this luxurious well-designed version, the World’s thickest journals are what every devoted writer wishes for more room, more expansive archival pages, and more freedom to articulate your thoughts, craft beautiful sentences or compose masterful drawings. An Italian giant book that lets you realize all of your handwriting potential.
  • Sometimes, less is more. Do you wish for a baby-giant version of the thickest journal? Here it is! Perfectly proportioned at 600 writing pages, this huge-enough-yet-not-enormous large journal is resting very comfortably in your hands, and of course, it lays flat on your desk. (overall dimensions are approx. 8 x 10 x 2 inches).
  • Of course, you can make it personal! Explore all giant sizes available with leather and certainly, discover all the personalized options available to create your perfect World's Thickest Journal. Choose between monograms, personalized embossing, or a custom title page to give a more personal touch to your notebook. You can even choose a logo/crest design from our library or design your own. Of course, the World's Thickest Journals are rightfully considered unique enormous gifts! 
  • Want to surprise a writer? Check the gift wrap option before sending a large journal as a present to him!


Do you search online for quality writing journals with huge size? You’ve come to the right place! Browse the entire collection of handmade journals crafted from the finest materials in Italy, follow the available personalization options, and make a wonderful gift to yourself, or someone you love!

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