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Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has a Story

  • Aug 15, 2017
  • 2 Comment(s)

In the telling of the story, there is a lovely freedom to reminisce. I believe that scrapbooking is telling your story to the next generation. It is the active art of remembering good days and moments of importance.

I like to tell people's stories.

Most of my clients are moms who want their children's stories to be secure and treasured. From the first breath and first tooth to sports games, awards and holidays, I tell their stories for them. So many of my clients work outside the home all being superheroes for their kids - so sitting quietly and scrapbooking, even for short amounts of time, is usually just not an option.

This is where I step in, I remove a guilt that seems to plague almost every client I have about not chronicling the stories of their loved ones.

Time doesn't wait for anyone, so I task myself with not letting the memories slip away as time marches on.

Boxes of photos, art work, ticket stubs, and awards all displayed in a non-digital form? Yes, it is the real, three-dimensional works of art and printed photos that go into lovely Epica albums for my clients. I respect and love the look and purpose of coffee books – their crisp edges, and smooth pages that lay flat and fit nicely into shelves – but my passion is for the somewhat uneven stories. The stories about growing children and great days. The stories of weddings and a bride's journey from engagement to the big day . The stories of birthdays, graduations, anniversaries – I love to create tactile milestones.

For some, having someone else, like me, tell their stories for them seems wrong. Perhaps it’s their own personal touch that adds to the level of sentiment. In this case – fret not, Epica Photo / Scrapbook Albums are a beautiful place to start. Start with the blank pages and a box of mementos. Then, make time and go for it!

However, for those that might need an extra set of hands, a creative mind, and over two decades of telling stories in art form with every page a canvas, my name is Megan Skeels, and I would love to help you.

We all have our stories. Indeed, we have lovely days of grace to remember .

Megan Skeels, "Chronicles" 


Guest Blog Bio: Megan Skeels

Megan has been a terrific friend of Epica for many years and is a wonderful storyteller with a creative mind. Her passion and skill at scrapbook story telling is inspired and her desire to help others tell their stories is exactly why we love her work. Inspiring others to find their own ways and means to express themselves creatively is paramount at Epica; we hope you found a spark of inspiration in Megan’s story. It is our goal to encourage a community centered around storytelling and connection. Helping our customers get the word out about their passion is one way we love to foster those relationships.

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