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Beginner’s Guide to Journaling 

Beginner’s Guide to Journaling 

  • Mar 03, 2022
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Starting to journal and making it a routine can be quite overwhelming. Many of my subscribers have asked me if I could make a how-to video which is now the subject of my latest Youtube video where I go over the basics on how to create a journaling routine for yourself.

Here are the basics taken from my video (linked above). You can use this as a guide after watching the video where I provide examples and much more detail in answer to the 3 main questions noted below.

What to journal about 

Let’s get started by asking ourselves some key questions that allow you to gain more clarity on what to journal about. Answering these questions with as much detail as you can will help to develop what could become a wonderful routine or habit in your daily life.  A helpful tip- write down your answers to each question and then review them all together when done.

1. Why do I want to journal?

What am I hoping to get out of it? What draws you to wanting to journal in the first place? For many people, it can be about the love of writing itself, exploring one’s creative process, getting more in the moment, getting more clarity, mindfulness, or getting more organized, or an outlet for creative expression.

Gain even more insights by reading a book on creative writing. A wonderful book that has helped me and many, many others is - The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, or look into buying a journal with journal prompts within the book itself.

2. How to pick the right Journal

Beginner’s Guide to Journaling

The right journal for you is the one you actually use. Get clear on what size fits you best. Journals come in many sizes to suit every preference from pocket-sized (4x6 or 5x7) to super-large (11x15) and even larger. The most common is a medium size, which is perfect for carrying around or traveling (medium, 6x9, A5). The quality of the paper is important to give you a smooth writing experience, especially when using a fountain pen. There are too many types of paper to list here so to narrow down your choices, determine whether you prefer Ruled-Lined or Blank-Unlined pages. Ask any good journal shop or outlet for sample papers and try some out to learn what suits your style, your instrument of choice, and your budget.

When I want to elevate my writing experience I love to use premium leather journals from Epica. I have several of them and they are all gorgeous and hand-crafted in Italy, which I love!

3. Create a Journaling Habit 

Don’t make it a chore. Journaling should bring you joy and not just be another thing on your To Do List.

Start small, journal for a few minutes per day. Keep your notebook visible so you’ll remember to use it. Tie your journaling habit to an already existing habit, like writing while enjoying your morning coffee or during your commute to work on public transportation.

Lastly, don’t overcomplicate it. Just pick up a journal and start writing! 

Here at Epica, we have enjoyed watching many of the videos on the JournalJoy channel at YouTube. They both informative and fun! Be sure to check them out and remember to subscribe and give a thumbs-up on the ones you really like!

We'd love to have your comments. Click the link and share your thoughts about journaling. In appreciation, we'll send you a $20 promo code that you can apply to your next Epica journal purchase!

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