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Handmade Italian Suede Leather Journal With Intricate Metalwork On Cover & Gilded Pages (in 2 sizes)

Elegance personified, these suede leather journals are homes for experiences transporting users to another time and place via exquisite craftsmanship.

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It’s all about the soft and supple suede accented by gold colored metalwork. Truly elegant, this suede journal takes your drawings or writing to another plateau. With gilded pages and hand pressed panels for ease of use, it certainly reflects pride of craftsmanship.

The raised spine wistfully recalls days of old, while the sturdy bookbinding boards ensure that it will last for years to come. The pages themselves are of 22 lb acid free writing stock in a delicate cream color reminiscent of those books that have been on the shelves for ages. This is a journal to be treasured.

  • • 5x7 handbag size or 6x9 travel size 
  • • Beautifully elegant metalwork with gilded edging 
  • • 300 unlined writing pages makes for a 1 inch thick journal 
  • • Perfect for any and all pens/inks, including dip/fountain pens

Exact inside dimension:

5x7: 4½ x 6½ inches 

6x9: 5½ x 8¼ inches

Some personalization notes:

  • • Gold color looks best on this suede leather, and compliments the gilded edging
  • • Monogram or a first name work best
  • • Consider the placement relative to metalwork


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