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Handmade Amalfi Note Cards w/Envelope (10-pak)

Handmade Amalfi Note Cards w/Envelope (10-pak)

Paper is key here and with this note card and envelope the paper in and of itself is to be appreciated and treasured. Handmade Amalfi paper, characterized by its rich, fabric like texture, its gently torn edges and soft cream color carry this card to a whole new plateau.

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Whomever receives this will understand that you genuinely thought of them and that you were invested enough in the message to convey it using only the best material in the world.

Only two paper mills remaining in Italy make this exquisite Amalfi paper. Characterized by torn edges, artisanal watermarks and extraordinary texturing, this paper is worthy of the most genius expressions.

10 notecards, shipped flat, with matching Amalfi envelopes